Living the Success Principles: How applying the principles has changed my life

Enter The Success Principles

I’ve used and re-read this book more than my college textbooks. Here is a picture of my actual copy.

Success Principle #46: Mastermind your way to success 

“Accountability Partners”

“…The two of you agree to a set of goals that each is working toward and agree to talk regularly by phone to hold each other accountable for meeting deadlines, accomplishing goals, and making progress…”

This principle alone is a game-changer and I wish I had applied it sooner. 

Personally, I needed an accountability partner that I trusted and respected. Once I found him, I created an Asana shared project with him where we could check in with each other spend some time together and have a face-to-face.

My productivity has DOUBLED and my ACHIEVEMENT towards my goals has been HUGE.

As an added bonus, being able to share the ups-and-down with Josh has been a huge part of the journey!

Success Principle # 44: Find a Wing to Climb Under 

“One of the main strategies of the successful is that they constantly seek out guidance and advice from experts in their field. Make a list of the people you would like to ask to mentor you. Approach them and ask for their help.”

I was shaking. As a scrawny, first year student at an esteemed Leadership conference I was freaking out. But I remembered the words above. 

I knew that I needed to reach out to the person who just gave our amazing keynote speech. Four years later, he has shaped my University experience and provided me with HUGE opportunities that I would have missed out on had I not reached out to him.

Success Principle #23: Practice the Rule of 5 

The Rule of 5 is simple: Each day do five things that move you in the direction of your goal.

Any progress in the direction of your goals is better than no progress whatsoever.

This sound OBVIOUS yet applied when it’s applied, it adds huge amounts of leverage to your life!

I was able to double my network in 30 days by focusing and reaching out to five people a day for a month and connect with some amazing people.

Success Principle #50: Tell the truth faster 

Appropriately based in the section of “Create Successful Relationships”  this exercise TRANSFORMED my past relationship.

We had a “Heart talk” (Principle 330) where we shared all the things we thought would hurt us. We told each other the complete truth!

She was completely surprised by how honest I was with her  and gained MASSIVE amounts of insight into how I care, feel, and think.

If you want your relationship to have a DEEPER level of connection tell the truth faster!

Overall, these small changes will make a huge impact on your life! Apply them and empower others with them and watch the magic happen! 

Mindset and Mechanics : The TWO Main Factors to YOUR Success

The TWO Main Factors to YOUR Success

Everything you want to do to be successful breaks down into two categories: Mindset or Mechanics 

Mindset= The psychology behind you reaching your success. Mindset is crucial at the highest levels of performance. The reason why psychology is so crucial is because it provides YOU the competitive edge over your competition equally matched in skill.

Mechanics= Mechanics are the “how” behind doing something! This is when you have email scripts, documents, systems or the procedures necessary for you to succeed.

What this means for you is: it is much easier to diagnose where things are not working for you in life by using asking yourself, “Is this problem in my life an issue regarding mindset or mechanics?” 

Instead, of just whimsically trying to “figure out” what isn’t working. You can pinpoint it into these two categories.

Now I am going to show you the common problems you have when you have too much of one and not enough of the other.

Mindset without Mechanics

Everyone knows that person who thinks they can do everything without even understanding the basics of the subject. Yes, there are confident in themselves. HOWEVER, they do need take the action necessary to achieve and ground their confidence.

If they don’t…

The Downside: This will lead to false hubris! Because you lack the skills necessary but have the mindset necessary for success.

Now for the opposite end

Mechanics without Mindset

I’ve personal experienced this and it sucks! At the same time I rather have this because the psychology can change along the way. Basically this is when you are extremely competent at a skill or a task, however lack the mental confidence and preparation necessary for success.

The reason why I prefer this is because as long as you continue to take action you will get results.  With the momentum you’ve built from taking action you can then change your psychology.

HOWEVER, you must make sure to change your psychology as you develop


The Downside: You will most likely rebound to the skill level you believe in your head. 

What happens is a rubber band effect where you will perform to the level that you hold yourself to in your mind. Thus, you limit your own potential.

The SOLUTION: Undergo the art of mental training to become a true champion!


Four Powerful Lessons From the Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Reading Time: >4 Mins

Reading time for Bolded parts: 1 Min


Enter MREA

            The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is the thorough how-to guide to become a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. The book has key business principles that are applicable to all business. The simple writing style of best selling author Gary Keller distills countless hours of interviews with Millionaire Real Estate agents into a simple formula. This book is a must read for real-estate agents and business owners.

            In order to make your life easier, I’ve distilled 4 important lessons and provided personal examples how I’ve implemented them.


Lesson #1. Leads. Listings. Leverage is a universal principle for achievement


“Why?” you ask. The answer is simple. The leads, listings, and leverage principle is the model against which you gain feedback for what works and what doesn’t work. In the arena of real estate, this principle is the key 20% of actions in that lead to 80% of the results.

Note, this principle applies outside of the real estate business. Let’s apply this principle to your dating life. Then apply it to a multi-level marketing business client I was coaching.

            Lets say for example that your social calendar is frustrating low for prospective dates.  Your solution to this problem so far is an indirect way of winning people over by learning how to cook. You rationalize this action by saying to yourself “If I learn how to do cool things I will have more dates!”

Sorry to say this method is ineffective since it is improperly sequenced.

Learning how to do cook will help keep people interested in you only after you have people to share your cooking with.  But if you don’t open your mouth and talk to more people (i.e. generate more leads) no one is going to know about you.

Instead, focus on the essential of generating more “leads” then you have more people to enjoy your cooking expertise.  Instead of vice versa where you are left wondering why no one is around for your cooking.

By focusing on generating more “leads” you are guaranteed to start filling up the calendar.

Another example, I was coaching a client in a Multi-level marketing business using the principle of increasing leads. He was frustrated since his business was running in all different directions. Within one day, I helped him focus on generating leads instead of getting caught in the weeds. With my help he doubled the amount of leads he was normally achieving! He will now be able to focus on conversion rates and systemizing his productivity!

All thanks to the little principle above. Speaking of systemizing let’s talk about systems.

Lesson #2: Systems are key to consistent outstanding results

“Systems are simply the repeatable processes that allow us to duplicate magnificent results easily.” (pg. 106)

            The keyword here is consistent. Outstanding results can be produced once or twice is a nice parlor trick but when you systemize them and produce them at will that’s when your cooking with fire.

Reading the quote above lead to a personal “AH-HA” moment.  For years I had been victim of inconsistent performance. Having an excellent performance one day and then having a mediocre performance another. Living in fear wondering if “I would be able to reproduce the excellent performance ever again?”

After reading “duplicate magnificent results easily,” it became apparent to me that creating personal systems to duplicate my excellent performance takes the “guesswork” out of excellent performance.

Gone are the days of haphazardly approaching something and hoping it would work. Instead I understand now, a systematic approach is better than a haphazard approach. Ergo, whether you are about to learn a new language or change your finances, take a systematic approach. The amount of time and frustration you will save is amazing.

An added bonus of systems is they become habits. For example, “When you get this down to a systematic level, then you’ve probably gotten it down to an automatic level.” Since you break a system down into repeatable steps the more you practice the system you do, the less you will think. Systems help move ideas from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence. Talk about a win! To ensure you win, you must talk and learn about models (no, not the European kind!)

Lesson #3: Build from Proven Models


“The Model serves as a reference point that allows you to always know why you made the creative decision you made and where to return if your creativity proves unsuccessful.” Pg. 126


            Have you ever tried to throw everything at a wall and see what sticks? I can totally relate. Unfortunately then you are attempting to recreate the wheel, instead of using what’s already in place.

A model serves as a reference point for you to build a solid foundation from. Now, you can learn more about the importance of models and “mental models” from books such as Seeking Wisdom From Darwin to Munger and The Personal MBA.  What the Millionaire Real Estate Agent does differently is describe the “how” and the importance of working off models.

4 key models are associated with becoming a millionaire real estate agent: Economic, Lead-Generation, Budget, and Organizational Model. Leveraging these models will make you successful in Real Estate.

But the key here is to understand that similar models run our lives. There is an economic model, a health model, a career model, and an achievement model. Leverage them and succeed. (I recommend this solid economic Model for you here. Ramit Sethi-I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

Now that you know all this applicable information, lesson #4 is key.

Lesson #4: Identify and Avoid Sheer Folly


“Doing the research to determine how the money in your business should be spent and then not following it can be summed up in two words: Sherry folly.”


How many times in your life have you researched the details of something only to not change after you researched? You end up “should-ing” all over yourself.

Anytime you engage in researching and fail to follow through, you are engaging in “sheer folly.”

That is painful, particularly if you consider yourself smart or hardworking. Ask yourself the tough question How are you engaging in sheer folly in your life, if at all? How can you immediately act to change it?


In summary the four lessons are:


  • Lesson #1: Leads, Listings, and Leverage is a universal principle for achievement
  • Lesson #2: Systems are key to consistent outstanding results
  • Lesson #3: Build from proven models
  • Lesson #4: Identify and avoid sheer folly



             Leave a comment below about how you implemented one of the four lessons. 

Baltimore Start-Up Ecosystem

Baltimore’s Start-up Economy  

 Baltimore is an up-and-coming Start-up city with amazing potential. The ingredients are all there for Baltimore’s Startup Ecosystem to boom within the next 10 years and compete against Start-Up giants such as Silicon Valley and New York City. Here is what Baltimore has going for it:

  • Low Cost of Living

(in comparison to NYC or Silicon Valley)

  • Tons of Talent

(University grads from UMBC, Johns Hopkins University, and Loyola University)

  • Eager Investors and Accelerators

(E.g. TedCo, Wasabi Ventures, Baltimore Angels, and Betamore)

  • Convenient Location

Baltimore is conveniently located on the Amtrak corridor. Allowing for future bridges of collaboration to open up between Baltimore and Washington D.C.

For those of who want first-hand account of the Baltimore Startup Ecosystem, check out this video from Native Baltimorean and Serial Entrepreneur Greg Cangialosi

Baltimore’s checks off every box on the checklist in order to be a great start up city:

  •                   a large population of entrepreneurs
  •                   Access to investors
  •                   a readily available supply of talent
  •                   an abundance of resources that support entrepreneurship
  •                   a state and local government that supports startups

Add to the mix Baltimore’s four powerful industries, Educational Techonology, Cybersecurity, Advertising technology and Health IT, there is a chance for a great spark. Even though Baltimore is lacking the “personal risk ratio” required to court people from enticing and secure government jobs, All the key pieces are here. As evidenced by a handful of large Baltimore tech companies acquistions such as, “Bill Me Later”, “” “Blue Sky Factory” and “Moodlerooms”.

Time to see how Baltimore grows its impact in the Start-Up World.


4 Micro-Experiments from Hacking Your Education

This post is different from other’s out there because I take the information I’ve read and show you how I’ve applied it. Afterwards, I summarize the results so you can model them. These micro-experiments is my way of finding out what works and what doesn’t work so you don’t have to! Enjoy! 

Hacking Your Education- Dale J. Stephens

The book that I read was Hacking Your Education by Dale J. Stephens. A must-read for those of you looking to blaze your own trail through life and steer your own education. Here are 4 micro-experiments I tried from Hack Your Education- Dale J. Stephens.

1)Building Your Network Daily 

 The section “Finding Mentors and Teachers” kick-started me into building my network each day. It made me contemplate “How many of us daily go out there and attempt to reach out to new contacts?” The minority of people go out an actively build their network, yet when you put numbers to it becomes a no-brainer.  If you reach out to 5 new people a day via email or phone by the end of the first month you’ll have the possibility of reaching out to 150 new people.

Just one of those people will completely change your life.

Note: As I’ve been reaching out to people I’ve noticed that it has really been testing my follow up systems. I’ll let you know the system I’ve been working so far.

2)Hacking You Network in Conjunction with Never Eat Alone

When you offer value through your network and share generously with the right people it is amazing what you will get in return. Keith Ferrazzai talks about the principle of generosity in his book Never Eat Alone which relates perfectly to “Hacking your Network.” When you have a “Brain party” and share valuable advice or information with members of the group, they will want to share opportunities with you.

I am speaking from personal experience. My personal brain party at college has turned into a club, based on exchanging value to each other. We offer each other new opportunities, support each other in our personal endeavors, and foster a deep sense of camaraderie. All these actions foster a lasting sense of brotherhood. A sense of brotherhood which will naturally create opportunities in the future.

3) Creating a Virtual CV / Resume

I had been writing this blog for a while but after reading the section regarding starting “your own personal website”, that everything clicked. A blog is meant to showcase your skills and abilities in order to hack the “job market” . For example, my interview with Jay Niblick will provide value to others and show that I have the ability to write, interview, and learn new things from others. This becomes a great way to create your own credentials.

4) Conference Hacking

I got a chance to try this out and “Wow” the results were huge. In one event I was able to befriend a TEDX speaker (who was also a author and was featured on Forbes Women) and a Professional Public speaker who is now helping me move forward with my public speaking skills and reaching out further. Now I actively look for leadership conferences in order to branch out at reach out to people I might not have otherwise met.

The Success Principles-Jack Canfield

20% of the books out on the market have 80% of the knowledge. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield is that 20%. This book is a comprehensive book of principles that work in order to create mega success in ones life! Jack Canfield is known as America’s success coach and his principles have created success for millions of people across the globe. Canfield spent over three decades finding and applying the “timeless principles used by successful men and women throughout history,” and then he distilled them into one book.
If you are looking for one book to kick start your life, your career, or any other area of your life. This is the book to read!

The Millionaire Fastlane- MJ DeMarco

Living a rich life has multiple components to it. Have you ever dreamed about driving a Lamborghini at the age of 25? What if you don’t want to retire old and trade the best years of your life away? What if instead you want to live “the life” while you are young and have hair?

Perfect, MJ DeMarco’s  book will show you the psychological how-to.
MJ DeMarco’s book is a practical psychological guide to show you how to live a rich and extravagant life while you are young and most importantly to be able to sustain your wealth. The basic premise of The Millionaire Fastlane is waiting until “your golden years” to create wealth is stupid.
Instead of waiting for your golden years,  DeMarco clearly depicts to the reader an alternative to living in “The Slow Lane” or “the Sidewalk” called “The Fastlane”. In order to live in the “Fastlane” people must stop exchanging life for life (E.g. Trading away your 20′s in order to live comfortably in your 60′s) and instead, leverage their time and control.
MJ DeMarco talks about focusing in on the three F’s: 1) Family 2) Fitness 3) Freedom
The most important of the F’s being Freedom. By no longer trading your life away for more life, you create massive amounts of freedom for yourself and success!
I highly recommend this book because it completely flipped my psychological script about wealth and reaffirmed my ideas about being a “producer” versus being a “consumer”. For example, this blog post is a good example of being a “producer”.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich Book Review- Ramit Sethi


Sick of trying to manage your finances? Are you trying to cut back on lattes and small expenditure to save money? What if instead you could buy those lattes and still save money? Better yet, you can buy those lattes and save money without evening think about it. Sound too good to be true? Well it is not.
Ramit Sethi’s book I Will Teach You To Be Rich  is focused on systematizing and automating your finances so you can become rich. His no bullshit approach gives you a six-week program designed to produced real and measurable results. The program is designed with sound behavioral psychology to make sure you start and follow through with things “you know you should be doing.”
He busts the narrow-sighted advice of most financial gurus (e.g. Cutback on the Starbucks lattes, and eat ramen err day) and focuses instead on “big wins.” By simply leveraging “Big wins” you can save thousands of dollars a year, all in one simple phone call.
Personally, I followed one simple piece of Ramit’s advice and opened a Roth IRA with Charles Schwab, the day after I bought the book. Within the first month, my money had made enough money to pay for the price of the book. Plus the real kicker is I continue to make money using his system While I sleep! Ramit provides actionable steps to create a solid financial base. I Highly recommend this book.

The Four Hour Workweek-By Tim Ferriss



What can I say, besides this book is a rabbit hole. After the first time I read it, I sprinted down the rabbit hole further and further. This book was answers some of the deepest questions of my life How can I travel more? How can escape being funneled into the 9-5 grind? How can I live my life now instead of living “the deferred lifestyle plan”? 
Tim Ferriss addresses all of these questions and then some in his New York Times #1 Bestseller The Four Hour Workweek.” The Four Hour workweek is a how-to guide to take the unconventional path and redesign your life around your interests while achieving extraordinary results. The major principle of this book Pareto principle also known as the 80/20 Principle, which states 20% of the things you do give you 80% of your results.
After Tim finds himself caught in his own beast of burden, a sport supplement company where he was working 80 hours per week, he decides to do a complete 80/20 analysis of his life. The dramatic change that his life undergoes is unbeliveable! He went from making 30K to 60K in 4 weeks and cut his working time down from 80 hours to 15 hours! He goes on to outsource much of his life after, to ensure that he can make money while he travels from his “muse” and then gives his readers a step-by-step process to do the same.
If you are looking for a revolutionary new approach on your life, or simply want to escape the 9-5 grind This book has it.  All you need to do is set aside your skepticism and test his ideas.

The Gifts of Imperfection- Brene Brown


Ever find yourself trying to “fit in” or “people please”? Do you have a hard time setting boundaries and let people walk all over you making you look like a pushover?

Dr. Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection provides “guideposts” to conquer these challenges and live authentically.
The Gifts Of Imperfection is a kick-to-the-face how-to guide for authentic and “wholehearted” living. Dr. Brown structures the book around ten “guideposts” which she had gone through after her spiritual breakdown in 2007. During which point she learned to “own her own story”, to stop trading in her authenticity for approval, and to receive love as much as she gives.
Although this is sounds like a touchy-feelie subject, this is NOT a soft book. The first sentence of the book stopped me cold in my tracks because I knew I wasn’t living like this. Within the first three pages, I found myself putting down the book because of how stunningly accurate Dr. Brown’s observations were.
This book is a must to master yourself and become a radiant human being.