As A Man Thinketh: 9 Lessons to Master Your Reality!

Hulk smash? By _DarkGuru_

Hulk smash? By _DarkGuru_



110 years ago in London, while steam engines were roaring by, a brilliant author was sitting in a dimly lit room. Unbeknownst to the author, the book that he penned in this dimly light room would be a timeless classic!

He successfully reached immortality. What a bad ass!

The author’s name James Allen.

His magnum opus (Fancy term for “best work”) As A Man Thinketh.

His philosophy= phenomenal!

This series of post is 9 personal lessons I’ve learned from the only book I keep on my Ikea nightstand As A Man Thinketh.  

Lessons that have truly changed my life…. Forever! Lessons that I share because I know they will change your life too! How? To help you become a master of your own reality!

Before you say “Not another positive thinking blog post!”

This series of posts is more than just positive thinking and thinking you can. It is empowerment at it’s finest!

Over the course of the three weeks, I will share 9 personal lessons from James Allen to master your reality!  Note: An overview of the lessons are at the bottom of the post 

Without further adieu, the first of the 9 Lessons for shaping your destiny!


“We are made or unmade by ourselves. By our thoughts, we forge the weapons by which we can destroy ourselves. Likewise, we also fashion the tools with which we build for ourselves heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace.” 

You choose! The control is in your hands. Just don’t push the little red button! Every single day, your reality is molded by your perception.  I learned this power with my dalliances with a voluptuous beauty named Aubrey! 

She was elegant, lustful, and voluptuous!  Plus she had a V-8! (Get your mind out of the gutter!)  My former 1978 Mercedes-Benz 450SL was my summer fling. I saw her with her topless, sitting in a neighbor’s driveway and it was love at first sight! Passionately (and Impulsively) I bought her. I had never seen another car like her.

That is until 2 hours later! The car that I thought was so exclusive to me was not! I saw her everyday, everywhere! TOTAL MINDFUCK!

I was about to turn Green and wear stretchy purple pants! Hulk Smash!

This was my car, all mine. Yet it was everywhere. The perception of scarcity was all in my head. I wasn’t looking for Aubrey before so I didn’t find her. But once bought her, my mind searched for her!

My perception was broadened!

Now you may be asking “ That’s great Moose, You’re a bad ass but how does this relate to me? “ 

Quite simple:

Everything that you have in your life is a product of your thoughts.

Your perception is your reality!

In my case, I thought Aubrey was scare and rare, so I saw her as such” Until of course, I drove by the first SL450 that looked just like her.

Aubrey made me wonder, “If this phenomena could happen with cars, does it happen in other places in my life?”

The answer I found is: Yes it does!

Ask yourself: How many times day are you searching for evidence to support personal problems?”

Or in other words,

 ” Have you noticed yourself creating your own problems?“ 

My guess is you have, so now what are you going to do about it? Follow lesson #2 coming up “YOU SHAPE YOUR OWN DESTINY!” 


Lesson Overview: 

This is what you can look forward to for the Month of March! 

March 11th- Lesson #1: Destruction or Construction? You Choose 

March 13th- Lesson #2: You Shape Your Own Destiny 

March 15th-Lesson #3: Your Thoughts Will Always Produce Results!

March 17th- Lesson #4: The World Outside of You is Born Within!

March 19th- Lesson #5: Achievement Thy Name is Discipline! 

March 21st- Lesson #6: Whatever is in the way is the way! 

March 23rd- Lesson #7: Natural “Thought” Selection

March 25th- Lesson #8: Are you feeling lucky, punk? 

March 27th: Lesson #9: Serenity, The Crown Jewel 


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9 thoughts on “As A Man Thinketh: 9 Lessons to Master Your Reality!”

  1. You cannot control the circumstance around you, but you can control how u respond…truth is found in multiple places!! Philosophers are curious about the art of living.

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